Appreciation for beauty, sensitivity for design and ingenuity are innate qualities that evolve as one gets exposed to knowledge. Awareness of diversity, culture, art and nature together with the opportunity to have great education enhance knowledge. It is teamwork, however, that truly sparks creativity; a talent that develops through communication and collaboration. 


We take pride on our diverse team. We come from a variety a backgrounds and experiences, with different talents, hobbies and passions. As a creative firm we nurture those differences; they make our team stronger allowing us to develop event concepts in multiple styles for a wider array of clients.


Inspiration is found on everything that surrounds us, everything from the colors in nature, to movies, times in history, architecture, art, fabric patterns, fashion trends and more. The world is an infinite idea board. Ideas flow from observing in detail, keeping the mind open to experiment with color combinations, materials and exotic textures, always envisioning uncommon ways of using very common things. That's a designer's true challenge. 


No event is created equal.

Each event is an experiential journey filled with multiple unique moments in time.

Customize, innovate, create.

Collaboration leads to perfection.

Go beyond traditional aesthetics. 

Stimulate all senses. 

Leave no detail untouched.


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Ingrid Adolphs

Chief Event Designer


Established in 2008 and managed by its founder, The Event is an award-winning event consulting firm and a leader in the innovative conceptualization and execution of special events. With world-class experience in luxury markets and a lifetime passion for high-end events, we are committed to offering only the best to our demanding clientele.


Our creativity, passion for design and personalization, as well as our positive always-willing attitude truly separate us from the rest. We are versatile and innovative in the way we orchestrate events of all dimensions, in a variety of venues including, but not limited to, hotels, independent venues, private residences or tented open fields. Our areas of expertise include brand activation events, product launches, experiential events, incentive events and social gatherings of all scales.


We have serviced events for a diversified portfolio of companies, foundations and organizations, as well as prominent individuals nationally and internationally, and our reputation has allow us to work and to earn the trust of several event venues and hotels. The success and quality  of each one of our weddings, corporate events, non-profit events and social gatherings, are strongly sustained on our philosophy to do what we do best, and let our carefully curated strategic partners do their part. Décor, entertainment, food and beverage…you name it, we can confidently say: we can do it!


In 2015, our founder Ingrid Adolphs married Evan Carbotti, co-owner of Perfect Surroundings Intl., an event design company based in Newport, RI. A strategic alliance was formed. In addition to West Palm Beach, Ft.Lauderdale, Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables and Key Biscayne, we are now locally offering planning and event design services for weddings, non-profit, corporate and social events in Virginia, Washington D.C, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachussets, New York, New Hampshire and Maine.


Every member of our head team is recognized as a leader in our industry. We speak at industry conventions and get constant requests to collaborate with other event professionals worldwide. We pride on the  strong relationships we have with venues, suppliers and colleagues, and our network of global partners allows us to provide the same level of service regardless of the destination. Having a destination event? No problem. We are available for traveling.

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